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Why korean cosmetic?

It is getting more and more often that Koreans add natural components into cosmetics base. Of course not all the components are of the plant origin but chemical additives are extremely rare. Koreans like to base their products on extracts of tomato, lemon, apple, egg etc. which are suitable for any type of skin. There is a lot of cosmetic brands in Korea and each of them has its own brand philosophy. The most well-known brands are Missha, Tony Moly, Holika holika, Mizon, Skinfood and the Face Shop. Tony Moly and Holika holika have very pretty and unusual packaging. Skinfood and the Face Shop are known for its products based on natural ingredients. Misha and Mizon have a goal to sell products of a highest quality for less money. They are most known for their creams.

The secret of flawless skin of Korean girls: they spend plenty of time taking care about their faces. Even the evening care is impressive: in addition to the classic products such as washing gel, toner and cream, many Koreans use the essence or syrup Beauty Routine. They massage this essence or syrup to the face before using the night cream and it enhances the cream effect and has a positive impact to the skin. There is a suitable essence or syrup for every skin type: against enlarged pores and acne, anti-aging, moisturizing, branching, etc. You can read more about this in the article by Elle.

Ingredients and quality of products are the main reasons why Korean cosmetics is so popular in Europe, and the unusual packaging attracts even more attention.

Using Korean cosmetics & skin care products are a great, healthy solution for everyone! Additionally, our lines of organic cosmetics & organic skin care have been found to be very helpful for those with sensitive skin & allergies.